"He makes it look easy. He is a defender who imposes his strength, his heading, his anticipation. He is ‘Mr. Clean’ and in addition to that, he is a real leader." 

im not sure but i think there is a mcdonalds there

im not sure but i think there is a mcdonalds there




Vine - Sadia Arabia

Ooooooh the double standard…


why have i never made this connection before

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A social media viral campaign has sprung up in the Arab world that involves burning the Isis flag.

The trend started after three Lebanese youths posted pictures of them burning the flag associated with the militant group, also known as Islamic State, in the middle of Sassine Square in Beirut.

Soon afterwards, a Lebanese YouTube user uploaded a video of himself burning a flag. Similar to the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge in which people choose others to their do own videos, the user nominated “the whole world ” to take part in the #BurnISISFlagChallenge.

The campaign soon went viral, especially in Lebanon following the beheading of one of the country’s soldiers by IS.


why would anyone burn a flag with shahada on it? people are so fucking stupid.